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Reduce Glare With Window Tinting

Tinting Your Auto Glass Is Easy

WestCoast Auto Glass can help you tint the windows of your vehicle. It has many advantages to it. Schedule an appointment now!
Black car with tinted windows

Take Advantage of Tinted Windows

Reduced Heat

Tinted glass filters out 80 percent of the solar heat, while un-tinted glass filters out only 30 percent. By reducing the heat, tinted windows will:
  • Protect and prolong the life of your vehicle's interior
  • Prevent fabric from weakening and plastic trim from cracking or fading
  • Improve the performance of the air conditioner, which will save money on fuel
Reduction of Glare From the Sun

If you are driving on a long trip, glare coming from the side windows can cause eye strain and give you a headache. Glare can also be very distracting and can even impair your vision. It can also cause discomfort to the passengers, especially to small children and babies. Attaching sunshades on windows may not be enough to protect you and your children.

Tint your glasses and cut the glare dramatically!

Reduced UV Exposure

Avoid getting nasty sunburns on your arm with tinted windows. Darker tinted windows filter out more than 95 percent of UV light, while un-tinted glass filters out less than 30 percent.


Tinted glass makes it difficult for people to see inside your car, giving you a sense of security. This is especially useful when you are travelling with valuables.
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- Erica S., San Diego, CA
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