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  • Auto Glass Replacement
    Auto Glass Replacement
    Auto glass is one of the most important structural support features of your vehicle. The windshield, windows and other
  • Auto Glass Repair
    Auto Glass Repair
    Even small imperfections or cracks can impair the driver’s ability to see the road and to react quickly to
  • Window Tinting
    Window Tinting
    What are the advantages of tinted windows? The first and foremost benefit is reduced heat. By reducing the sun’s
  • Corporate Pricing
    Corporate Pricing
    Whether a major dealership or a user car lot, West Coast Auto Glass can service your needs at a

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We use original equipment manufactured (OEM) glass products made from Pilkington PPG, Carlite and we use DOW U-838 for all of our urethane sealant needs.

These products are used by all automakers such as Chevrolet, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, GM and Buick. Our glass technicians have years of experience with auto glass installations and repairs. This is our assurance to you, that you are being serviced by the best when you use West Coast Auto Glass!

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Auto glass is one of the most important structural support features of your vehicle.

The windshield, windows and other auto glass components of your vehicle help to protect and shield you against injuries. Additionally, proper air bag deployment requires that the windshield and side windows be installed correctly. As a result, it’s essential to maintain these glass components and have them professionally replaced or repaired at the first sign of fatigue or damage. This ensures that these vital safety components of your vehicle function properly when they are needed most.


Drivers can improve safety on the road by ensuring visibility in a number of ways.

Keeping the glass components of the vehicle clean with frequent washing is one solid solution to improve visibility. Replacing washer fluid and wiper blades regularly can also improve visibility and reduce the chances of an accident. Finally, managing smaller cracks and chips before they become serious barriers to the driver’s field of vision is essential. At West Coast Auto Glass, we have the skill and knowledge to repair your auto glass quickly and to the highest standards of quality and safety.


Auto glass is often referred to as safety glass due to both its function within the vehicle, as well as to the way in which it is constructed and installed.

Second to only the seatbelt in terms of protection, the windshield is a crucial safety element in the vehicle.

As such, safety glass is composed of three separate layers that serve to protect the driver and passengers from being injured. The two outer layers are composed of molded glass that is chemically bonded with the middle layer through a process known as lamination. As a result, if the glass is broken, it adheres to the middle layer and remains in place rather than detaching and causing injury to those inside the vehicle.